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hi everyone- I am a High School Art Teacher-new to ATC's and swaps-I had heard about ATCs and thought they sounded neat and did some reading on line about them.  I had my Advanced Art Students Design one after I told them about it.  They were not given any restrictions (except of course no plagarism.)I told them they also had to be high quality-they loved it and have all done at least one and have had some great ideas.  I guess now I realize I sort of did this backwards becuase I should have had a swap figured out before they actualy made the cards! I would love to swap with any other HS Art classes.  I would be glad to scan samples 1st of their cards so you can see them.  My cards are ready now - I have about 25 students-Thank you!!

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I am interested in some international art card trading in the future! We are here in Sydney Australia, NSW syllabus not IB, and I am interested in setting up a project for later in the year, around September or October, with my Year 9 students. Where are you?

I am in the very Northern part of NewYork (USA).  Our school is very small, about 300 kids Prek-12th grade.   I could definately do this with my  9th graders early next year! thanks for the interest


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