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I'm always amazed at what both my students and I assume they know about studying art. They're usually excited and ready, but the way they go about what they do in my classroom often astounds me.  When I watch some of their approaches to materials, visual problem-solving, or integrating the ideas of art history into their understanding of art I realize that while I teach them about art history, various techniques, media and processes, rarely do I teach them HOW to learn about art effectively. Even though my assessments are based on the artistic behaviors found in the work of Project Zero those behaviors are not consciously integrated into the approach that many of them take towards studying art. So despite my best efforts at explaining, demonstrating, cajoling and manipulating I turn to video in the hope of reaching my students on their level.  I've uploaded to the ISB Art History Channel a short video "So you want to study art?". This video suggests some behaviors for kids to follow to become more effective art students.  It features artists from PBS's Art 21 series talking about their practice. I've shown it to my classes at the beginning of this year - we'll see if there is any effect???

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Comment by Chandler Dayton on November 5, 2014 at 8:02pm

Please keep us posted. I had the great fortune to have a highly motivated art student for her 4 years of HS. She instinctively understood the ways of learning about art. I've not seen anything like it before or since. But her presence rubbed off on a few younger students and this I believe is where the learning happens. Peer to peer. Difficult to orchestrate that...

Comment by Geoff Ballard on August 14, 2014 at 7:06am

Great video Brian. Your dedication to students learning about the Arts is inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

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